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Our hemp oil is produced from a tested and verified strain of hemp plants.

Our broad spectrum CBD is guaranteed to contain the highest purity, maximum strength, and THC-free formulation, which is backed and verified by a Certified Independent Testing Lab. All products tracked and attached to Certificate of Analysis (COA).

The NANOSOL™ PRO Products

NANOSOL™ Hemp Product Line is exclusively sold and distributed by SilverLeaf Global, LLC.

Set Goals – Get Goals

From seed to sale, production controls are built into every step of the process. Selection, inspection, testing, and certification to the highest standard ensures unquestionable quality built into each NANOSOL™ product. NANOSOL ™ products produced are by design to arrive at the apex of highest purity and strength. Oversight from start to finish led by industry top scientists, formulators, and manufacturing technicians.

Our product quality guarantee one of the strongest due to transparent quality controls and our commitment to our customers receiving only the very best.



Strategic geographical organic crop management from seed to soil.


Hemp monitored and clipped throughout the growth phase and harvest carried out at optimal peak phase.


Supercritical CO2 extraction at optimum water temperature and pressure maximizes purity, potency and quality; foundational requirement prior to NANOSOL PRO being blended and produced into a proprietary formulation (Patent Pending).

NANOSOL™ Animal Health

Explore our line of products for veterinary use only.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Nanosol Pro Premium CBD Concentrate Salve 1000mg
In my younger years I had been a multisport athlete, on the collegiate level. Sadly though, all the glory really took a toll on my knees years later, as they’re both severely arthritic and with very little cartilage left. The pain used to be unbearable at times, and I had tried different pain relievers, anti-inflammatories and everything else my doctor recommended allowing me to get by. But the side effects really were taking their toll on other parts of my life. My son recommended I try Nanosol Pro CBD oil, since he had found that it helped out his back a lot. He had given me both the salve and the oil extract, and within a few weeks I was completely off my others meds, and almost completely pain free! It was truly amazing how well it works for me, I can go on long walks again and I haven’t gotten any side effects from either one at all. Once I found the right dose for the salve, I was able to even get back to the gym and walk a few miles on the treadmill again. Richard W.

Nanosol Pro Hemp Oil Extract 500mg
If anyone knows me, you know I am the last person to ever try any hemp products at all. I am definitely conservative in most of my beliefs and I always will be that way. But when I started dealing with horrible, chronic insomnia and anxiety after months (almost a full year!) without a good night’s sleep, and weekly panic attacks, my wife had heard about Nanosol Pro Hemp Oil Extract and with some help from a close friend, and my reluctance, I began taking once in the morning and once before bed. Aside from some difficulty sleeping the first two nights, to my surprise, it was beginning to work very well. Not only did it seem like my anxiety was gone, but I actually felt my mood being elevated and I’ve been a lot more productive every day. Its been 3 and a half months since I began and I am sleeping much better than I have in years, and haven’t had a single panic attack! My wife has also began taking the extract and she has gotten amazing benefits of her own. Highly recommended! Warren V.

I am in love with CBD! I have totally became one of those CBD people who believes in its ability to truly help with everything. From CBD chocolate bars and gummies, to oils and creams, I just enjoy the way it lifts my mood, gives me energy, and can help me get the mental clarity I need at times. When I discovered Nanosol Pro, that easily became my oil tincture and salve of choice! As an editorial writer I tend to get headaches after long hours and late night projects, the tincture always helps me deal with it – sometimes I even feel relief within a few minutes. I would recommend everyone do their research, no matter what issues you might have, mental or physical CBD can definitely help! Liza J.

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