Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

What Should You Know About Hemp Oil for Cats and Dogs?

In recent years, the healthcare world has seen an incredible infusion of alternative medicine options that have provided individuals with a number of amazing new treatments. While such treatments might not have the full backing of the entire western medicine world, they have certainly been able to help drastically curb the use of drugs with a variety of unwanted side effects and in many cases, helped patients to stave off a number of addictive medical treatments. One of the most interesting examples of such revolutionary alternative drugs has been the use of Cannabidiol oils and hemp products. And even more interesting than their effects on humans, has been the benefit of Hemp oil for cats and other household pets or animals. Often, the veterinary world is an area in which practitioners are very much so resistant to change and try to stick to traditional forms of treatment and healing. However, with a new wave of veterinarians and pet owners having heard amazing anecdotal results, as well as the changing views of society as a whole, it has certainly sparked many of them to be more open to the use of cannabis and hemp products in the treatment of animals. As one of the most reputable manufacturers of Hemp oil and hemp products, the team at Nanosol Pro has written extensively about the effects of their products on animals working in agriculture, and even more interestingly, those that are kept as pets within the household. Despite the countless reviews of pet owners, and the interesting articles being written online, many individuals are still relatively uneducated as to how safe the use of hemp and Hemp oil for cats, dogs, and other pets really is.

Having a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. While in essence, a pet is an animal living at your home, to pet owners across the world, they are more so an extension of the family than any type of a guest or visitor. Therefore, just as the safety as a close relative might be of utmost importance, as is the health and overall wellness of a pet. Despite there being a relative lack of internationally published, scientific studies written specifically to investigate the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on pets, according to most pet owners, and a number of well respected, holistic veterinarians within the field – Hemp oil for dogs, cats and other pets is relatively safe. In most pet owners’ experiences, and according to those veterinarians who have done their own testing, certain Hemp and Hemp oils have offered a number of different benefits to pets, including:

· Helping to curb certain digestive issues.

· Allowing animals to sleep better.

· Helping pets to deal with certain anxiety issues.

· Helping pets to deal with depression symptoms.

· Acting as a pain reliever for pets experiencing joint and muscular strain issues.

According to the experts at Nanosol Pro, while the majority of the evidence has pointed towards the benefits of Hemp oil for dogs and other pets, one of the main issues lies in the specifics of the products that you are purchasing for your pets. It is important to purchase only the most reputable types of cannabidiol (Cannabidiol) oil from retailers who have solid reviews and a number of customers who are backing up their products. In addition, it is vital that you only purchase products from companies that are willing to reveal how they source their products, the exact process they use, as well as providing you with the scientific data behind their products – including a certificate of analysis that reveals the relevant concentrations of cannabinoids, solvents, terpenes, microbials and more. This ensures that you not only have a scientifically backed list of what your product contains, but that you are working with a company that understand why its important to share such information with their consumers.

When it comes to Hemp oil for dogs, cats and other pets, another factor that’s important to take note of, in addition to the quality of your product, is the dosage that your product contains, as well as how much you are giving them. According to independent studies amongst a group of holistic veterinarians, the overwhelming majority of side effects or issues that pets might have had, as a result of the consumption of hemp products was due to having taken far too high of a dose, in far too short of a time. Therefore, its important for pet owners to pay close attention to the dose they provide their pets. The best way to approach this is to provide the smallest dose first, and then slowly re-dose as time passes, this way you can find out what an acceptable dose for your pet truly is. And don’t be afraid to do some research online as to what an acceptable dose truly is. For more information on Hemp oil for pets or even for yourself, be sure to visit NanosolPro today.

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