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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NANOSOL™ Pro and NANOSOL™ Pet announce BUY ONE, GIFT ONE FREE on all Hemp Oil Products for Humans and Pets

April 2020—The creators of NANOSOL™ Pro and NANOSOL™ Pet, a vertically integrated producer and distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoid wellness products (CBD), are extending a buy one, gift one offer on all of their supplements, oils, and topicals, for both humans and pets.

“During these times of uncertainty and social distancing we need to do our best to protect our health and immune systems, after all they are irreplaceable,” says Gil Laureiro, co-founder and CEO of SilverLeaf Global, the producers of NANOSOL™ brands.

“As our anxiety levels rise it may cause sleep disorders and stress and could even compromise the immune system. There are many studies and reports showing that hemp oil extract may help improve or strengthen your immune system by lowering anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.”

This promotion enables anyone, new customers or returning customers, to buy one and gift one free to a person of their choosing until the end of April 2020. For more information and a full list of offerings, visit:

NANOSOL™ is a vertically integrated producer and distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoid (CBD) wellness products. NANOSOL™ Hemp (CBD) supplements, oils, and topicals are all certifiably 0.000% THC, Broad Spectrum products made in the USA from organically grown hemp. NANOSOL™ formulas use only organic ingredients, resulting in a pure and potent formulations that allow for minimum dosage to achieve maximum benefit.

NANOSOL™ products are produced by a patented and proprietary method using the most advanced technology to preserve all phytocannabinoids, terpenes and plant lipids, while eliminating unwanted THC and chlorophyll.

The team behind NANOSOL™ is committed to education, verification, and measurable results led by full product disclosure, third party product esting, and product certification transparency.

NANOSOL™ products are batch tested minimally four times by a Fully ISO/IEC17025 accredited independent testing lab before being packaged, labeled and made available for consumer purchase. Batch test results are publicity available online in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which can only be issued by a Fully ISO/IEC17025 accredited third party testing lab. COA transparency to the consumer ensures the critical attributes of our products
are as advertised to be and one of the purest and most potent Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil products available today.

NANOSOL™ is produced by SilverLeaf Global.

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